Howzit! I’m Ryan and this is my adventure into film photography.  Real quick on who I am.  Originally from Kauai, HI and moved to Las Vegas, NV in 2005.  I am a Casino Dealer/Floor Supervisor.  Married to my beautiful wife since 2004 and we have 2 amazing girls, one of which is a low-functioning Autistic.

This is just a place to share what I’ve learned and to hopefully help someone else who’s getting into film photography.  I believe the only way to learn is by making mistakes, and trust me, I make a ton of them. As long as I apply what I learned from one mistake into the next shot, then all the mistakes I make is worth it.

As we say in Hawaii, “Come inside, talk story.” Just remember, take shoes and slippas off before entering.  Mahalo!