FIND In A Box Review Part One – The Game Changer


Howzit! Today I’m here to share with you what FIND In A Box means to me. So what is FIND In A Box (FIAB)?  First you gotta know who Jonathan Canlas is.  For those who’s been in the film photography industry, I’m sure have heard of Jonathan Canlas and his FIND workshops.  He’s also the starter of #FilmIsNotDead.  For me, I didn’t know who the hell he was haha.  I only found out about Jon because I was looking through Mike Caputo’s Instagram account.  All I knew about Jon at the time, was that his posts on Instagram was badass and I wanted to shoot like him.

So now I know who this Jon Canlas guy is, I stumbled onto his FIND Workshops and even found his books.  They were frickin’ too expensive for me and that bummed me out because 1.  I couldn’t afford it, and even if I could, it brings me to number 2.  He no longer was doing the FIND Workshops.  Now, I don’t know how it happened, but I got a hold of Jon and he replied back about a new thing he was starting, he called it FIND In A Box and to keep an eye out for the announcement.

Now enter FIND In A Box. His FIND Workshops that used to be only accessible via on location, was now everything in one download.  But that’s not what I’m going to talk about first.  Here’s the thing, this is a two part review.  The first thing I want to share isn’t even about the product. I wanted to talk about the other stuff that comes with the product.  That’s how awesome FIAB is.

There’s 3 things I want to point out right away.  The Facebook FIAB ohana, accessibility, and accountability.  Listen, these three things are THE BIGGEST TAKEAWAY from this whole thing.

With all the information already given to you in PDF’s and videos, you’re also invited to a private Facebook group consisting of a network of great photographers who are ALWAYS wanting you to progress in your journey into film.  These people are great human beings and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few of them in person and am proud to call friends now.  The Facebook ohana is ALWAYS PROGRESSING AND NEVER STAGNANT.  Assignments are given out monthly with different topics to help you get better.  Feedback is never sugar coated, if something seems off or might help the photo POP! more, they say it.  I can’t get enough of this group, probably because they are the greatest enablers of G.A.S., Gear Acquisition Syndrome.  This is the one thing that makes FIAB unique.  You’re gonna hear me say this a lot, PROGRESSION.  There’s always something in the group that keeps you motivated to keep finding new ways to get you amped up.  To post something better than what you last posted.

Next is accessibility, and this is two folds.  First, to feed off the Facebook group, is accessibility to the professionals in the group, who are the who’s who in film photography.  Listen, I was partnered up with someone who to me, was just another person in the group that took badass photos.  Little did I know, I was partnered up with a pretty popular photographer with over 10K followers haha.  That’s the thing, ego’s are left outside of the door and are just normal people with amazing talent who just want to learn and progress just as much as you do.   These are talented people who make mistakes just like me, they feel like giving up at times just like me, they get frustrated just like me, and it’s okay.  I love this group.

The other access you get is to Jon HIMSELF! I’m pretty blown away by his commitment and participation to the FIAB ohana he’s created.  Brah, this guy is an awesome human being straight up!  He just down right LOVES film and loves what he’s created.  He didn’t just sell another product, he created a growing community that is there for your own growth and to help others grow as well.  He comments on almost EVERYTHING in the group, he not only creates assignments or does critiques and all that stuff.  He joins in on normal conversation and replies to things when he can.  Let me tell you, this guy hangs out with you when he can if he’s in your area.  He puts together FIAB meet ups, I mean who does that?! I had the pleasure of cruising with the guy at my house.  We barbecued and just talked stories.  He did his normal thing and take pictures, but the best part about him? Is that he’s just good people period.

The last part of this two part series, deals with accountability.  Everyone can buy the product, read it, learn stuff, then never look at it again.  For some, they don’t need to, but for me, I need repetition.  I look for the drive that keeps me wanting to learn more.  FIAB doesn’t fall short of that.  The FIAB Facebook group is a movement, always finding new ways to keep you engaged. Like I said, the people in there are great enablers of G.A.S., but there’s also other ways to keep you pushing yourself.  I mention assignments a lot but there’s also people in there who “egg” you on to bring your “A” game and post your best photos of whatever.  They make you explore different things that you’ve never tried or never heard off.

Well, looks like I went off  a little and wrote more than I thought haha.  My bad.  That’s how much I believe in Find In A Box though.  It’s one of the greatest decisions I’ve made.  Now, understand this, I am new to the film industry that most professionals have been doing for years. So my review is solely based on a noob who just loves film photography and I am in no way, a professional.  What I am though, is also an affiliate of FIAB.  Is that why I love this product? Hell no! Would I have still written this review even without being an affiliate? Absolutely!

Oh almost forgot, one thing I like share about the FIAB Ohana, is the exclusive offers that we get.  Wether it’s from Jon himself or from others, usually it hits this group before anywhere else.  When Jon and others sells gear, it usually gets posted first in the group before anywhere else.  Heck, just for being part of the FIAB Ohana, you also get discounted pricing on his other guides, the Ohana and Biz guides are discounted once you’re part of the FIAB Ohana.  

Mahalo for reading.  Come back for part two when I talk about the product itself.  I hope you found this helpful.

So here it is. A chance to be part of an exciting bunch of people who are eager to meet you and help you get better with film. All you gotta do is click on the picture below.  Enjoy and your welcome!


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