How it all started

It’s only fitting that my first post talks about how it all started.  Which according to my college transcripts, takes me back to my first photography class back in ’99 at Kapiolani Community College.  My first film camera was a Canon Rebel 2000 and I was so stoked looking forward to be doing my first developing.  One problem… I was an 18 year old loser.  All I cared about was not being in school, going out to the beach, and hanging out with friends.  The one major thing that came out of that class, is that photo above of my dad.  That is one of the best photos I’ve taken of him and it’s been with me ever since.  I hold this photo dear because I lost my dad back in 2005 and looking at this photo still gives me goosebumps.  I look back now and to know that I shot, developed, and printed it MYSELF, holds a lot of value to me.  That’s why I shoot film, because it gives a different vibe than if I was to shoot digital.

Fast forward to 2010, Instagram just came out and now I’m seeing old classmates post photos shot from a Holga.  WHAT! People are still shooting film? Wait, it looks cool too? I NEED TO KNOW MORE! So now the wheels start turning and I buy my first Medium Format (MF) camera, that’s right, a Holga, that gave cool ass light leaks and vignettes.  What everyone forgets to mention, is the frickin’ cost of developing it and having to wait for a week or so just for negatives and prints.  Now, 2010 wasn’t a good year financially for a lot of people, myself included.  So that quickly put a damper on things and had to put the Holga away, for now.

Now 2014 is when everything changed.  Call it faith, call it dumb luck, either way I’m glad I stumbled upon the Instagram account of @nikonos_project and picked up my next camera, a Nikonos V. Then I followed a guy named Mike Caputo, aka Aloha Big Mike, aka cincpac, aka whatevers, he’s the man.  So I hit him up and he got me started developing film again.  I bugged him with a shiz ton of emails on how to do this and that, his response…”Go YouTube braddah!”  So that’s what I did, and I didn’t just fail, I failed miserably haha.  The best part, I didn’t care, because I wanted to figure it out and I kept trying.  Eventually I got the hang.  After a while, I stumbled on someone and something that pretty much sky rocketed my love for film and film photography.  His name, is Jonathan Canlas, and he introduced me to FIND In A Box, which I will post a review later.  Haven’t looked back since, I mean look at my bench below, I might have a problem haha.  All I shoot is film.  All I do is bug my wife by bringing my camera with me EVERYWHERE we go.  It’s all I look forward to doing now, is to keep shooting film, keep learning from my mistakes, and enjoy film!


Mahalo for talking story, until next time, shoots!

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